Auberge de la Place Royale Historical monument

The foundation site of the city, in 1642, is highlighted near the Hotel by the contemporary and triangular building of Pointe–Callière. The Place Royale, just beside it, was the first public square as well as the first commercial centre in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This area corresponds to the heart of Ville-Marie, as the urban spaces and archeological remains of the surroundings can demonstrate.

In 1852, after an important fire, the building was housing at the time the offices of the Champlain & St-Lawrence Railroad Company. Francis Mullins had to rebuild the property so the company could relocate in it. In 1864, a restaurant was settled on the ground floor while many offices were being operated from different business on the upper floors, such as commission merchants, maritime agents, forwarders and boat suppliers.

A little while after his acquisition of the property in 1887, the broker George H. Matthews raise it by one floor and sets his office. The building is still divided into offices, known as the Atlantic Chambers, until the end of 1910. At that moment, the west part of the building is transformed into a hotel. The ground floor is occupied by a store and the floors are offices and rooms.